Gerald Stern

Gerald Stern / USA
Gerald Stern is an American poet, essayist and educator.
The author of twenty collections of poetry and four books of essays, Stern has taught literature and creative writing at Temple University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Raritan Valley Community College, and Iowa Writers' Workshop.
Since 2009, Stern has been distinguished poet-in-residence and a member of the faculty of Drew University's graduate programme for a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in poetry.
Geboren: 22. Februar 1925, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Vereinigte Staaten
Bücher: Alles brennt
Ausbildung: Columbia University (1949), Universität von Paris, University of Pittsburgh
Auszeichnungen: National Book Award - Lyrik, Guggenheim Stipendium - Kunst, US Amerikaner & Kanadier
Nominierungen: Pulitzer-Preis / Dichtung, Neustadt International Prize for Literature

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