9/11 - Radiohead played in Berlin on this day, 13 years ago.

What was happen to you on this day?

Stoiber had a bookpresentation in the noon, and he got a message.
Radiohead played on this evening in Berlin.

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Poesiefestival Berlin 2014

alle Fotos =>

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Rathaus Schöneberg

100 Jahre Rathaus Schöneberg
Open-Air-Konzert „GlockenKlang - Freedom Bells & Wisdom Voices“
mit Steve Schroyder, Wolfram Spyra, Udo P. Leis, B. Ashra, Rainer von Vielen
am 13.04.2014

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We do love arts

... and people who bring art into our life.

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Sweet musik do I love ...

and don't forget to party [+]

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Das war das Poesiefestival Berlin 2013

Kat Frankie Band spielten zum Abschluß des Poesiefestivals Berlin 2013

Fotos vom Festival hier

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Thomas Wydler

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